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VisualFood S.r.l. (“VisualFood”) is the owner of this site, which aims to disseminate information about the discipline of VisualFood and make a variety of products related to the practice available to the public.

The documentation, images, characters, artwork, graphics, software and other contents on this site, as well as all codes and online forms used to implement the site, are the property of VisualFood or under their exclusive right of use. The materials on this site are protected by copyright. Materials include any descriptive document, photographic images and videos, script, software, logos, characters, etc. Unauthorized reproduction of our materials is subject to legal action by VisualFood, which will monitor the web and other potential forms of circulation on a regular basis to check for any unauthorized use of our property. You may not copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, publish or distribute the contents or brands on this site to third parties for commercial purposes (with the exception of partnerships duly agreed upon and governed by contract) or for purposes that may adversely affect the image of VisualFood.

The use of this site is for personal, non-commercial use only, except for cases specifically authorized in advance and in writing by VisualFood. Your use must always be linked exclusively to a specific venture and the corresponding period. The authorization does not bestow any exclusive rights nor permit the appropriation of materials. In any case, the third party that is granted authorization may not grant the usage of materials to other third parties. Use that is not in accordance with the authorization granted by VisualFood will result in early termination and a request for compensation for both property and image damages. All civil, criminal or tax liability are the sole responsibility of the third party, which will indemnify VisualFood for all liabilities.

This site may occasionally provide links to access sites of other agencies, organizations or companies. VisualFood may not be held responsible for their availability, content or products and services offered, let alone any damages or losses occurring as a result of their use. Furthermore, VisualFood is not responsible for the terms and purposes of the collection and processing of personal data by such third parties.

VisualFood will employ its best effort in keeping the services provided in constant working order, however we can not be held responsible for any damages, loss of data or information, other damages for late, incorrect, or failed retrieval of information, restrictions or loss of access, difficulties or problems of any kind, errors, unauthorized use during access to the site and its services, or any other forms of interaction with our service. VisualFood does not guarantee and is not responsible for whether or not (a) the services provided by the site meet the specific demands and requirements of the user; (b) the services provided by the site are timely, secure, error-free and run without interruption; (c) the information and results obtained from the use of services is always accurate and reliable; (d) any defect of the software management services on the site can be deleted.

The purchase by the part of the user of any material downloaded or otherwise obtained while using the site, where permitted, will be made at the choice and risk of the user. All liability for any damages to computer systems or lost data resulting from the downloading of materials falls on the user and cannot be attributed to VisualFood.

VisualFood declines all responsibility for any damages caused by the inaccessibility of the site's services or from any damages caused by viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, deleting of content, network problems of the provider, telephone connections and/or data transmission, unauthorized access, data alteration, and failed and/or defective operation of electronic devices by the user.

The user acknowledges that VisualFood cannot be held responsible for false information sent by the user (e.g. accurate email address, mailing address or other personal and non-personal data), information relating to the user and information that has been provided by a third party, even fraudulently.

The user is responsible for the conservation and the confidentiality of personal data that may have been released during the use of services provided by the website. This site provides the user with access to groups VisualFood created on social networks. It should be noted that users acknowledge their own personal responsibility for the content posted and for the conduct carried out in such contexts, exonerating and maintaining our association free of all liability and adverse effects resulting from actions (including legal actions) promoted by anyone, with the request for reimbursement of all costs and compensation for any damages, direct or indirect, suffered as a result of the transmission of content.

In the event the user sends materials to the site, by accepting the terms of use, he/she declares and guarantees to have legitimately acquired the content. By sending the content, he/she expressly authorizes its publication online, assuming all responsibility for such materials and indemnifying and keeping VisualFood unharmed by any alleged grievances by any third party in relation to the content and its use.

Should the user enter into one of the social network groups created by VisualFood, he/she must keep in mind that social networks are online network services aimed at individuals who share similar interests and activities or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. These are services that, for the most part, are managed via the Web and offer different modes of interaction between users.

Whoever intends to participate, must comply with the following guidelines:

a.  When you enter personal data, you relinquish control of that data. The data may be recorded by all contacts and members of groups to which you have subscribed, revised or diffused, even after many years.

b. Sometimes by agreeing to enter into a social network, you grant the company that manages the service license to use the material posted online for an unlimited amount of time.

c. Some social network sites may be based abroad, along with their servers. In the event of a legal dispute or problems arising from breach of privacy, it's possible that you may not be protected by the laws in your home country.

d. If you decide to leave a social network, it is often only possible to “deactivate” your profile rather than “delete” it. Your data and the materials that have been put online may still be stored in the server and the archives of the company that offers the service. Understand and read carefully the terms and conditions of use and the privacy guarantees offered in the contract you accept upon registration.

f. When posting photos or “tagging” others, make sure you are not violating their privacy. When in doubt, seek the consent of the third party first.

g. Beware of fake profiles. A photo, a name and some personal information about the life of another individual is enough to steal an online identity.

h. Be careful of the information you share online. Your date and place of birth are enough to steal your social security number and other personal information. Some information can be used to trace your bank account or postal information, as well as your username or password.

i. Use a different login and password to access different sites and to manage your email, online banking, etc. Change your password often. VisualFood is committed to monitoring the proper use of interactive services available to the user in order to avoid illegal content being placed on the Internet. In the event of incorrect or suspicious activity, VisualFood reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to delete or modify content entered by the user, prohibit access to users at any time and for any legitimate reason without notice, and contact, when appropriate, the competent authorities to verify unlawful content sent or illegal behavior of the user.

The user agrees to assume all risks inherent in the use of any type of content.

The user grants VisualFood consent to gather and store all personal data provided while using the services available on the site, and to communicate such data: (a) for judicial needs; (b) to respond to claims by third parties; (c) for the protection of the rights and safety of VisualFood, the users and the public in general.

Any violation, even if only suspected, of the present terms and conditions of use, or the alleged infringement of third party rights and/or the legal standards in force in our legal system will result in the suspension or termination of services and, when necessary, a warning to the competent authorities. Specifically, VisualFood will inform the competent authorities when there has been reported behavior that can be considered an offense.

VisualFood reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to:

1. modify these terms of use. The users will be notified of changes with an announcement on this site. The continued use of services after changes have taken place implies the complete acceptance of such changes. The user may verify at any time the text in force of the conditions of use by accessing the link “Terms and Conditions of Use”;

2. control and delete material submitted to the site;

3. interrupt site availability at any moment and without notice.

By accessing this site, the user and VisualFood Srl agree that the laws and regulations of the Italian State- where applicable- will apply to all matters relating to your use of this website.

By accessing this website and using the tools provided, the user implicitly accept the terms and conditions set forth here.