Visualfoodists are independent professionals(°) who have joined our franchising program. They earned their qualification after a period of VisualFood training (classroom or webminar) and participating in a final specialization course, usually held at the VisualFood Academy of Modena.

Each Visualfoodist works in their own region and offers services that range from training for professionals, amateurs, and kids to catering and consulting in the fields of food design and food services.

On this page, which will be updated continually, you can find information about the Visualfoodists in our register, who are organized by geographic area. We've included the contact information for each professional so that you may contact them directly. Find the Visualfoodist nearest you ! He or she will be happy to meet all of your VisualFood needs.

Mappa Visualfoodist


(°) The professionals registered with VisualFood are all independent and work in complete autonomy from VisualFood, who is therefore not responsible for their actions and cannot be held accountable for events not attributable to VisualFood.


(°°) The Visualfoodist codes containing "VFT" indicate Visualfoodist enabled to teaching professional courses.


IT005 VFT-F/I/P/B Anna Bazzani (MO)
IT006 VFT-F/P Antonella Gala (FI)
IT002 VFT-S/Fg/F/I/P/B Giovanni Croce (FG)
IT012 VFT-F/P/S/B/Fg/I Tiziana Bollero (TO)
IT018 Anna Gibertoni (VT)
IT007 Ivan Bruttaniti (CT)
IT015 VFT-F Elena Defendini (TO)
IT028 VFT-F/P/I/S/B/Fg Maria Stasolla (FR)
IT010 VFT-F/I/P/B Angela Loccisano (RC)
IT016 VFT-F/I/P/S/B/Fg Alice Contrasti (MO)
IT030 Donatella Tucci (VT)
IT014 VFT-F Salvatrice Feccia (SR)
IT021 Tiziana Monterosso (PD)
IT031 VFT-F Maria Nasso (LT)
IT033 VFT-F/P Ida Labbate (MT)
IT025 VFT-F/P/I/B Silvia Grassini (SV)
IT040 VFT-F Chiara Buonagurelli (AR)
IT035 VFT-B/F Silvana Ciccarello (PA)
IT027 VFT-F/P/B/Fg Patrizia Ganzaroli (FE)
IT042 VFT-I Monica Formelli (AR)
IT039 VFT-F/P Loredana Lentini (PA)
IT029 VFT-F/P/S/B/Fg/I Sara Granero (TO)
IT053 Addolorata Avella (RM)
IT070  DanielaArezzo (RG)
IT034 VFT-F/I/P/B Gabriella Gasparini (MO)
IT059 Sandro Reginato (LT)
IT037 VFT-F/P/B/S/I Giovanna Favarato (MI)
IT066 Beatrice D'Elia (LT)
IT041 VFT-F/B/P/S/I Raffaella Volpato (PD)
IT068 Fiorenza Spiezia (NA)
IT044 Evelin Gava (AL)
IT046 Rossana Campanile (VC)
IT051 Mariella Massi (VA)
IT054 Irene Boscolo (VA)
IT056 VFT-F/B Luca Lodato (AO)
IT057 VFT-F Sabina Mascali (TO)
IT060 Paola Poletto (TO)
IT061 Daniela Laidetto (TO)
IT062 Angela Terenzi (RO)
IT064 Letizia Marinaccio (MI)
IT065 Valeria Farina (TO)
ES001 Katia De Marino
CA01 VFT-F Ilaria Tonelli (RM)