What is your dream job? A job that's creative and lets you work with other passionate and motivated individuals? A job where time flies when you're working? What if this job also let you create things that were both beautiful and delicious?

A job with all of these characteristics is right under your nose!

There aren't any particular requirements to become a Visualfoodist. You just need to be relatively skilled with using the tools and applying the VisualFood techniques (you'll find lots of ways to acquire these skills in our training offers!), know how to communicate and transmit these skills to others, and be organized.  

If you are interested in becoming a Visualfoodist and want further information, contact our visualfoodist program. Here you'll be introduced to our franchising program, where you'll receive training, be inserted into the VisualFood Registers, get support while developing your professional activity, and have the possibility of working under the VisualFood brand.

There are numerous professional applications: catering, teaching, business and private events, food preparations for sales, and food design.

You too can play a part in spreading this discipline by learning it, teaching it, and applying it!