Seeing more, that's what VisualFood is. It's examining edible shapes, adding a layer of fantasy, inventing stories, creating taste and color combinations, yet always keeping in mind that these creations are meant to be eaten!

It's a new way of arranging dishes that combines aesthetics and function. Using a variety of techniques, VisualFood can transform your food into little works of art that are aesthetically pleasing without altering the essence of the raw materials, leaving the function and value of food intact.

VisualFood is a discipline and the brainchild of Rita Loccisano. What's fantastic about it is that it engages all five senses: it catches your eye with alluring shapes, awakens your sense of smell with appetizing scents, delights your sense of hearing with the sounds of fresh and crunchy food, satisfies your sense of touch by letting you “play” with your food, and last but not least, it tastes great!

VisualFood is accessible to everyone. Truly anyone can learn it. The creations are easy to reproduce once you get the hang of the techniques. No specific skills or prior knowledge are necessary. It's affordable because it doesn't require special ingredients or expensive supplies. To become an expert Visualfoodie, you don't need any particular talents, just passion, love for the art of hospitality, and some initial patience while getting started and learning the techniques. The rest will come naturally.


 This new way of approaching food has now become a movement and a well-nourished community – a school of thought in the culinary world that attracts creative cooking enthusiasts who care about sustainability and respect food. Adding to the already large group of “Visualfoodies” (VisualFood enthusiasts), is a growing number of “Visualfoodists”. These are individuals who practice VisualFood professionally and found new stimuli and opportunities to offer to the public through the discipline. They have embraced not only the VisualFood techniques but also the rules that guided Rita Loccisano in defining the discipline. Here are the simple yet very important 10 rules that govern VisualFood:

1. Make creations that are entirely edible and ready to be eaten.

2. Do not use any materials that are not safe for contact with food and try to use natural substances.

3. Use the right tools and handle them with the utmost care (you will be working with sharp objects).

4. Do not limit yourself in terms of techniques and ingredients: anything can become VisualFood! Just make sure to use ingredients that go well together.

5. Do not waste food! Be mindful of saving the scraps and using the leftovers.

6. Do not sacrifice taste for the sake of form.

7. Be creative! Let yourself be inspired by the shapes, colors, and ingredients.

8. Cultivate your training and growth.

9. Have fun while you work! It's easier to get your creative juices flowing when you are relaxed.

10. Share the results. You must show people your creations before they can be admired!