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Bring a touch of VisualFood to the table

It's a new way to create dishes that unites aesthetics and function. Thanks to a combination of techniques, you'll learn how to transform food into little works of art that make your guests say “Wow!”. From snacks to dinners to happy hour to fruit – everything without wasting time or money. VisualFood creations aren't just decorations, they're dishes that are meant to be eaten!





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You will find everything you need to make VisualFood Creations! Tools, Materials, Video Lessons – all of which you can buy individually or as part of a kit or special offer

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What is your dream job? A job that's creative and lets you work with other passionate and motivated individuals? A job where time flies when you're working? What if this job also let you create things that were both beautiful and delicious?

A job with all of these characteristics is right under your nose!

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A wide selection of our best creations to suite everyone’s tastes and abilities

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