VisualFood: Create. Amaze. Eat. is the first book written by Rita Loccisano, published in October 2014 after dedicating much time and energy into its completion. It is a manifesto for this innovative form of food art that arose from Rita's ethical principles and respect for food,which are illustrated in the guidelines on our site.

This book is a must-have in the kitchen of a VisualFood enthusiast. It's also a great gift to introduce a friend to this exciting discipline, especially when combined with one of our kits composed of Rita's hand-picked supplies.

You can order the book from our online shop, from your favorite book shop, or by contacting us directly from the contacts listed on our site.

This 160 page book, published by Edizioni VisualFood, has a modern and captivating design – a paperback printed on coated paper in a convenient size (8.5 x 8.5 inches), perfect forlaying open on your kitchen table. The entire volume is divided into two sections with an appendix.

In the first section, Rita introduces us to the fascinating world of VisualFood, recounting in her own words the origins of the discipline, the reasons behind its creation, how she chose the name, and the principles that inspire her art. A captivating page-turner composed of four chapters that you won't want to put down.

The second and more substantial part of the book is dedicated entirely to practicing VisualFood. What you'll find is an illustrated manual, full of images and examples that clearly explain the ingredients, supplies, techniques, and steps necessary to make these culinary and plating masterpieces that we've called “creations”.


The first chapter of this section is dedicated exclusively to supplies. Rita goes through the various categories of utensils used in VisualFood, explaining their use and providing valuable advice for composing your own personal “tool kit”, which is the first exciting step in starting a new hobby.

The second chapter of this section contains 24 photo tutorials for original creations.

The tutorials are divided into four categories: happy hour, lunches/dinners, buffets, and recipes for kids. There are tutorials for every course, from appetizers to desserts.

Finally, in the appendix you'll find recipes for the various culinary elements used in the creations: dips, mousses, custards, etc. as well as the stencils for a few creations.